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Face is the mirror of one’s personality and the Brows and Lashes are the character of the face. Yet they are underestimated by many. Through ultimate care for ‘Premier Quality’, commitment to ‘Super Reliable Service’  and constant effort to ‘Improvement’  Shine Brow ‘n’ Beauty is today trusted by hundreds of its’ customers for facial hair care. Let our professional and super friendly therapists administer your facial haircare and deliver you the looks that propel your confidence.

Whether its the  curving of defined shape to your ever precious Brows, a touch of tint to brighten up those defined brows or an extension to your Lashes to light up the glow in your  beautiful eyes, ‘Shine’ is the place to reckon. Let our skill transform your looks and let your looks drive your confidence.

Walk in to ‘Shine’ Today… Wake up to Perfect Brows and Lashes Everyday…